Frequently asked questions

What is StenoFest?

StenoFest is the first virtual court reporting conference/convention.

What payment methods do you accept?

All payments are made through Authorize.net, a secure payment portal, utilizing most forms of payment.

Can I get a refund if I find out I cannot attend?

Once a purchase has been made, all sales are considered final - no refunds will apply unless StenoFest is cancelled.

I can't attend - can someone else use my virtual ticket?

Sorry, but because of the CEU system in place, virtual tickets are only for the use of the purchaser.

Is StenoFest really live? Is it recorded?

Unless otherwise indictated on the schedule, all seminars are LIVE! A few siminars have been pre-recorded for presentation due to the speakers' inability to attend. But the bulk of StenoFest is LIVE - that's the fun part, right?!

Can I access the seminars after StenoFest is over? NEW ANSWER!

YES! When you sign up for StenoFest, you'll also have on-demand access to the seminars from February 15-17. That's 3 more days to see some amazing speakers and collect those 17 hours of CEUs! Post-event viewing will NOT include contests, the ability to visit the Vendor or Networking Hall, speaker interaction or all the fun and excitement of attending LIVE...so we strongly suggest trying to attend the live event as much as possible. NCRA will charge $45 to submit your CEUs if you submit them in a single document.

How do the CEUs work?

The StenoFest system will track which seminars you watch from start to finish during the live event. After a seminar is complete, you'll be asked to answer a couple simple questions. You can do those directly after the seminar or at the end of StenoFest. Once completed, your CEU certificates will show online. You will then submit your CEUs to NCRA for a charge if $45 if you use a single document.

What is your Privacy Policy?

Read it here.

Are there multiple tracks? Will I have to choose which seminars to attend?

There's only 1 track, so you can attend ALL the seminars!

So I'll have to be on the computer for about 20 hours over the course of 2 days?

Yep. It's like binge watching an awesome TV show :) Breaking Briefs. The Big Steno Theory. Well, you get the idea.

What time zone is StenoFest?

All times are PST (that's west coast).

Will my state accept these as CEUs as well?

Sorry, you'll have to check with your state for that. NCRA pre-qualified these seminars, not individual states.

Will NCRA charge $45 to submit each .1 CEU? That would be expensive!

Yes, it would! You will get a certificate from StenoFest for each seminar you attend. All seminars you view during the live event will show up on the form - NCRA will charge $45 for you to submit.