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Livestock Bedding

We are proud to carry the best quality bedding for your animals - big and small!

Introducing GEM Premier Douglas Fir shavings - this bedding contains no phenols and no dust!

GEM Douglas Fir shavings are a large flake shaving planed from lumber that has not been kiln-dried. This gives the shavings a moisture content of 20 - 25% compared to 12 - 15% for typical shavings resulting in a virtually dust free shaving. This makes GEM Douglas Fir shavings the perfect bedding for large animal veterinary hospitals, equestrian centers, barns, horse paddocks, rabbit hutches, and chicken coops.

Since GEM shavings come from Douglas Fir there’s a reduced phenol load (as compared to cedar and pine shavings) to lessen respiratory or contact irritation. Cases of phenol reactions have been reported in a wide variety of animals including horses, goats, chickens, rabbits, pigs, and dogs. It is advised that small animals not be bedded in cedar or pine shavings, so these Douglas Fir shavings are a better choice.

Lastly, the bag is a great value since it contains 8 cubic feet of shavings as compared to 7.5 cubic feet found in most brands.

GEM doug fir.jpg
GEM doug fir stack.jpg

We also offer Mallard Creek Mini Flake shavings - a much smaller flake offering a clean, easy to sift bedding.  A kiln-dried product that is effectively absorbent and reduces the size of your compost pile.  The small size allows you to easily pick up what needs to be removed but leaves a soft bed for a longer period.

GEM fines.jpg

We also offer straw bedding for your animal's comfort.  Straw bales can be used for animal bedding (large, medium, and small), gardening, soil erosion, target practice, or seating for special events. Our bales are clean, fresh, and easy to handle.

rice straw bales 080719.jpg
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