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Premium Grass Hay

Foothill Feed and Mercantile Premium Grass Hay is a blend of Timothy and Mountain Meadow grasses. 

For your convenience and your animal's comfort, we carry this grass all year round.

Timothy hay is the most digestible of all hays and is one of the most popular hay feeds for horses. Horse owners have found that Timothy hay promotes a shiny coat, good digestion, bowel regularity, and a healthy weight. It is also excellent for colic prone, protein-sensitive, and obese horses.​

Mountain Meadow grass is an excellent all purpose grass feed that balances nicely with Timothy to produce a feed that measures on the lower end of the middle range spectrum with regard to starches, carbohydrates, and sugar.  Our hay test results consistently produce feed in the easily digestible and palatable ranges.   

Our premium grass comes from northern California.  The farmer has one crop and one cutting. He bales it all and then stores all the thousands of bales in a huge barn - waiting for our call for a truckload to be delivered to our hay yard. The bales are clean, they normally flake nicely, there are no weeds, and they normally weigh in at over 100 lbs each.  And don't forget, we deliver too!!!!  Come on in and see the grass for yourself.  

grass bales close up 080719.jpg
grass bales on truck for delivery 080719
grass bales 080719.jpg

Alfalfa - a high protein legume

Our alfalfa comes from the lush growing fields of the Smith Valley area near Yerington, Nevada.  We are proud to support our local growers and sell their high quality, clean, weed free bales of Nevada alfalfa.  Alfalfa can provide key nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium.  Depending on where it's grown, alfalfa can also provide high levels of vitamins A, D, E, and K, as well as selenium, riboflavin, and niacin.  It is a low fiber - high protein legume and is available year round.

alfalfa bale 080719.jpg
alfalfa bales 080719.jpg
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